Student Services

Arbutus Global Middle School offers a number of supports to all of our students and families in the areas of personal development and counselling and learning support.

Currently, AGMS has a part-time youth and family counsellor to assist in ensuring that all students feel welcome and connected.  Working with us through Fairfield Community Centre, Tammy Reid also works with youth at Mt. Doug and is available to children at our two local elementary schools.  Tammy comes to Arbutus with an incredible amount of experience in dealing with youth, both in the school setting and in the community, and is at the school Monday and Friday.

AGMS also offers a school counsellor to work with youth in both teaching and counselling roles.  Our School Counsellor, Kaylan Vander Schilden, focuses on ensuring that Arbutus works for students.  She strives to help create a safe and positive learning environment for youth.  Kaylan is available for students on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

With Arbutus’s focus on providing rich and meaningful educational opportunities for all students, the school has two busy learning resource rooms, an ESL learning centre and a district program for students with a wide range of abilities.

Dana Walt and Alex Lemon serve as resource teachers and case managers for all Arbutus learners, including ESL students.  They offer a range of services from homework support to offering curriculum to small and specific groups of students.  They may be contacted at any time for additional information and support.

Matt Boulton works with learners in our district program providing a range of opportunities for students, but works with the school community in the areas of the environment and school service.