Arbutus Global Middle School has an incredible variety of clubs for students.  Through our partnership with UVIC and some amazing volunteers, we are able to offer everything from environmental leadership, to chess, to book clubs!

Our clubs are currently starting up so students are encouraged to listen to the announcements for the meeting dates and times. Days and times for clubs will be announced on the morning announcements, and displayed outside the office.  Students can join a club or drop out at any point during the year, but we recommend they check it out at the beginning of the year to see if they are interested.  We may need to cancel or amalgamate clubs if numbers dictate.

Current clubs now include…          

  • Media Team
  • Yearbook
  • Dance Club
  • Art/Cartoon Club    
  • Homework Club                    

Past Clubs have included…

  • Media Team
  • Yearbook
  • Intramurals
  • Lego Club
  • Chess Club
  • Outside Games
  • Book Club
  • Leadership

All students are invited to participate in our three leadership areas:

Global Leadership

Athletic Leadership

SSS Leadership

Student should listen to daily announcements for more information on meetings and times.  Daily announcements are also posted outside office on white board.