PAC Information


Arbutus Global Middle School has an active and vibrant PAC, committed to supporting parents, students and staff.

Arbutus Global Middle School Parent Advisory Council

Connecting parents to our school and community

As parents, we recognise that our children’s success at school is dependent on our interest, support and engagement in their education and the school community.

2018-19 Executive

President:  Erin Farris-Hartley

Vice-President: Vacant

Treasurer:  Fei Zhang

Secretary:  Ingrid Friesen

Emergency Container Coordinator: Valerie Neaves

Some activities that the PAC has organized or been engaged in:

Welcome tea. BBQ. Board Games Night. Hot chocolate morning. Staff Appreciation lunch. Parent Info Night. Grade 8 recognition ceremony

Some programs funded by PAC 2017/2018:

Sports fees. Music festival entries. Club supplies. Emergency container. ArtStarts Performance. Discovery streaming. Gymnasium Projector.

Please email if you have any further questions or would like to be involved.


The PAC (Parent Advisory Council) strive to meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the school library.  All parents are members and are invited to attend.

For up to date minutes and news please go to pagePAC News