Students are encouraged to listen to announcements and take ownership over ensuring that they are aware of all practice and game times. The practice and game schedules are provided at the beginning of the season and are also posted on the office window. Please encourage your child to use these resources, but for parent reference the schedules can be found at the following link :

AGMS Avalanche team schedule

The general pattern of  sports throughout the year is as follows:

September to Mid October:  Ultimate, Touch Rugby and Cross Country

Mid October to December:  Basketball

January to March:  Volleyball

April to May:  Rugby, Field Hockey and Badminton   

May to June:  Track and Field

Students are reminded to listen to the announcements for more details specific to our school teams, the practice times, and game days.

For detailed game schedules please go to and click on the LIMMSA tab. Then select your child’s sport and age group to get up to date schedules and locations for games.

If you are interested in the general season information such as start and end dates please refer to the Annual Season Information Click Here

Arbutus has a long history of involvement in local and school athletics.  For the 2019-2020 school year, the athletic coordinators for all of Arbutus Global Middle School’s many teams are Megan PeddieParents and community members who are interested in coaching or participating in Arbutus athletics may contact Megan or Alex by telephoning the school or by emailing directly.

At the beginning of each sport season, your child will come home with a schedule of games and player agreement.  Please have your child return the signed agreement as soon as they receive it.

The schedules are also posted on the office window and can be found at the following link – AGMS Avalanche team schedule (link to come)

Daily Physical Activity

The BC Ministry of Education has begun an initiative to keep BC’s students active and healthy.  Arbutus Global embraces this and encourages students to be active on a daily basis.

Announcements are made over the PA daily about sports opportunities, games and practices.  We also have a sports board outside the office that is updated regularly advising students and parents of various schedules and games.