About Us

Our Collective Goals: Students approach their learning and community with passion and purpose, treat themselves and all members of the learning community with empathy and understanding and conduct themselves respectfully and responsibly.

Global education: To enrich the provincial curriculum in the area of global education on a local, national and international level;

Environmental awareness: To focus on issues that impact our world;

Social responsibility: To learn the skills necessary to effectively organize and facilitate social change.

The goal of Arbutus Global Middle School is to provide a school-wide focus on global education, environmental awareness and social responsibility as enrichment to the established provincial curriculum for grade 6, 7, 8 students. By linking the provincial curriculum to global education initiatives such as communicating via the Internet with schools around the world, examining issues from a global perspective, holding debates on current events issues, and fundraising for both local and international groups, we teach students the skills they need to become informed, active global citizens able to consider issues from a variety of perspectives and empowered to act in order to make a difference locally and internationally.

Our school meets the needs of students who want to make a difference in the world, by developing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills to learn how to make a difference, and hone their writing and oral presentation skills in order to lead the way in resolving local and global issues. We have a strong academic focus, but activities in all areas are enhanced by having an additional global perspective. We encourage students to research issues from a number of different viewpoints, to examine ideas using higher order thinking skills, to learn how to ask why and learn how to make a difference themselves. Our aim is to develop thoughtful, well-educated citizens who are motivated to make a difference in the world and to equip them with the skills to accomplish their goals.