All middle schools in the Greater Victoria School District recognize that the opportunity for students to engage in as many opportunities as possible in the areas of fine arts, technical and applied skills. Arbutus Global Middle School offers students a new opportunity approximately every eight to ten weeks to “explore” their talents and interests in six key areas.  Our school offers the very best in terms of shop and classroom space, with pottery wheels and a kiln, a full music computer lab, two tech ed shops, separate kitchen and sewing spaces and a drama room with a full stage and curtains!

Students have the chance to explore all six areas during the school year:

  • Art – both 2D and 3D with a global focus
  • Home economics – textiles and cooking with each area including a project with a global focus
  • Tech education – primarily woodworking, with students completing interesting and skillful individual projects
  • Music – including developing an understanding of world music
  • Drama – an opportunity for students to learn more about themselves and the theatre
  • Outdoor Education – an introduction to a variety of outdoor activities
  • Global Action – unique to our school this is a chance for students to get involved in a project to make the world a better place

Students are assessed in each of these areas and an exploratory report will be included with the report card.