We are… The AVALANCHE!

We are very proud to all be part of the Arbutus Avalanche. While that is our school nickname for sports teams, and an overarching way for us all to be part of one powerful and exciting community, classes are also divided into 8 different teams under the Avalanche mantle, as follows: Blizzard, Glaciers, Hail, Storm, Ice, Frostbite, Arctic and Snow in the 2017-18 school year. Not only do students in those classes collaborate regularly, but the teachers on each of these teams have common planning time to develop instructional themes and ideas that they are passionate about and know will effectively engage our students.

Our aim at Arbutus is to excite and engage students and staff alike in their passions, and to truly reflect the key attributes of a modern, safe, and effective middle school – one that appeals to and motivates students in these pivotal adolescent years. There are no dull days at Arbutus as we strive towards this purpose every day!

Current Principal: Rob Parker