Passions, Challenge, Connections, and Support

After a lengthy review of what makes for exemplary and leading-edge middle schools , our staff with input from our PAC, identified the above four areas as our key shared beliefs.


We believe that students need to find, pursue and explore their passions and interests to optimize and enhance their overall learning.


We agree that students need to be challenged with rigorous and exciting learning activities.


We are committed to making strong and trusting connections with all of our students, knowing that these relationships are the basis for successful and healthy learning environments.


And finally, we believe that all students need access to individualized supports that will vary from student to student depending on their needs.

These four guiding beliefs are ground in research, and moreover, have taken shape through consensus-building and discussion among the educators and PAC at Arbutus Global. But the real impact is ensuring that they come to life at our school, and are not simply words on a wall. They must guide our decisions on a daily basis, and help us evolve as a high quality middle school for the Arbutus community.