Gifted Education

Arbutus Global Middle School offers a rich educational program for all students, regardless of ability, and prides itself on ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve academic excellence in the areas of global education, environmental awareness and social responsibility.  In addition to curricular options, AMGS provides students with specific interests a chance to enrich their own program through:

  • Chess club
  • Robotics and Lego
  • Climate change and Lego
  • Environmental leadership
  • Athletic leadership
  • Gauss Mathematics Competition
  • Creativity Fair

For those students who have been designated by the Ministry of Education as “gifted,” AGMS offers a wealth of opportunities designed to develop individual areas of giftedness.  Gifted students meet in small groups of like-minded individuals to explore their interests and abilities. Some activities include debate, creative writing, building and logic challenges, “dragonology,” and archaeology, as well as participating in the Greater Victoria School District’s “Forever Annual Mathematics Exhibition,” in which Arbutus students have won the trophy seven years in a row!